object_09; porcelain, glaze, iron; 40 cm x 27 cm x 28 cm; 2010;

object_01; porcelain, brown clay, glaze; 13 cm x 18 cm; 2010;

photo: Petra Jaschke

object_04; 2-teilig porcelain, glaze; 22 cm x 30 cm, 31 cm x 26 cm; 2010;

photo: Nicole Kolberg

object_02; porcelain, brown clay, glaze; 24 cm; 2010;

photo: Petra Jaschke

object_06; porcelain, brown clay, glaze; 25 cm x 11 cm; 2010; photo: Petra Jaschke

object_12; porcelain, brown clay, glaze; 22 cm x 8 cm; 2010;

photo: Petra Jaschke

bachelor thesis

In her graduate work Nicole Kolberg takes aspects from the time lapse technique in films and transfers those into objects made of brown clay and porcelain.
She concentrates on the effects that a time lapse has on the displayed. Sequences are fragmented, episodes are sorted out and the left over pieces are rebuilt in a new order.

It is not about compression, but rather about the transformation that happens to the past in a review. In the same way as a review is always a evaluation on the past, an analysis and interpretation, her works are bizarre and complex worlds that give us a notion of reality.
Multi- layered structures, grown by the time, suggest a logical system. Cross sections open views to the course of time, such as annual rings of a tree.

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